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About us

The team

Tamás Baka is a Project Manager, husband and cat owner who likes (among many things) to read. He started his career by creating his own CMS from scratch and building literally hundreds of websites with it. Later he turned to the dark side and worked as a Product Owner for 3 years, then switched careers again to become a Business Analyst. Currently he is a PM again :)

Though not coding professionally anymore, he still likes to make custom solutions for things that bug him. His first big project was https://typing-speedtest.com, and now he is trying again with phpSEL.

Contact us

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Development is fuelled by coffee... a lot of coffee and madness.
If you really like phpSEL, please consider buying me some coffee...
(Don't be alarmed if the Coffee page shows Typing-SpeedTest.com - that is my other private project)

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